Kozmic Kind

"Kozmic Kind: Invoking the creative kozmos, within and around, from your roots to your krown".

Meet Olive Love: Owner, designer, creator, social media, photographer, marketer of Kozmic Kind.

Born and raised in Denver Olive has spent her entire life being inspired by the energizing lands of the Rocky Mountains to the vibrant culture of the city.
As a child she was encouraged a creative life from her parents and her alternative education schooling that cultivated a strong emphasis on community, travel, self-reliance, and coexistence with nature.
She say’s “I stuck with my stick figures and never stopped!”

Olive is mainly self-taught with a Certificate from Red Rocks Community College in Graphic Design and also one in Jewelry Metal Fabrication.

Her style could be described as a combination of all things "outside the box" filled into one box! From cosmic-visionary to pop-surrealist-contemporary, her work ranges from custom hand painted hats and canvases to jewelry fabrication and graphic illustration.
She also loves to mix in as much unique multi-media as possible. Using any found objects that intrinsically happen to be the perfect fit for the project at hand. “That is the beauty of art,” She elaborates “when you are in flow with your work the subconscious will draw forth the key elements to tie everything together”

Incorporating her passion for gems and minerals has been a major theme of current works, along with supporting her fellow entrepreneurs by designing their business graphics, specifically logos.

Olive finds much purpose and joy in custom projects and working one-on-one with clients, it invites her to try new techniques and involve subjects she might not have chosen otherwise. But she also balances that with time to express her innate desire of manifesting creations from the ether. She is always switching it up and aiming to keep each project fresh, for herself and her audience.

Now 27 her life revolves around art, more than ever before. Like a restless primal instinct she reflects the many facets of our current times through her perspective and creations. She says; “Art invites us to cherish life, to look closer, to feel...We each have a unique gift and every breath is another opportunity to express and discover this... Art has allowed me to pick up the pieces, all of my doubt, uncertainty and pain and transform it into power, purpose and passion. I invite each human to treat your life like the masterpiece that it truly is. Find what makes your soul shine, and live for that. And only look back to see how far you've come!”

You can place a custom order through Olive by emailing her at kozmic.krownz [!at] gmail.com or here on Etsy! Stay in touch with her other platforms: Kozmic Kind on pintrest, Kozmic Kind on facebook or instgram @kozmickind.

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